Shipping Cost

WizMe Flat Rate Shipping Cost – 500g to 25kg from $7.29

Choose the box and it ships flat rate.

WizMe Flat Rate Courier Shipping – a quicker service, a cheaper shipping cost and more convenient than lining up at the post office. Has it been a while since you’ve done a competitive analysis of the various shipping carriers?WizMe flat rate shipping, the cheapest expedited shipping

Shipping merchandise can be one of the most complicated operations, and shipping cost the biggest expense for many small businesses. Poor or no planning can result in owners overpaying for shipping, as well as losing sales if the company can’t provide consistent and cost effective delivery to customers. But resourceful merchants are finding ways to reduce the sting.

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Case Study

Jack Mitchell, for example, had been trying to budget shipping costs at his Sydney based online business since he founded it in 2013. He offered a free delivery service, shipping 50 orders a week, but had no idea of the shipping cost until after his visit to the post office. He wanted to offer quick delivery but had to settle on Parcel Post to save costs.

He recently realised that changing his carrier, reviewing his free shipping strategy, and using WizMe’s Flat Rate Service would not only cut his shipping costs but also boost sales. He set a minimum order threshold for free shipping to encourage larger orders. Jack’s business has increased and as a result more as a Business Club Member.

Today, he says, his sales have increased and he spends less on shipping. He’s delighted WizMe collect from his business, and his customers are thrilled they get their stuff much quicker with WizMe’s courier service.


13 Ways To Trim Your Shipping Costs With WizMe Flat Rate Shipping

1. Price certainty.
2. Use packaging provided by your carrier.
3. Look for flat rate shipping deals.
4. Quicker can be cheaper.
5. Use online shipping.
6. Stay away from prepaid shipping.
7. Save time with My Account feature.
8. Stop delivery theft.
9. Look for a service where insurance is included.
10. Factor in all shipping fees before billing customers.
11. Consider a carrier with national coverage.
12. Budget for return delivery costs.
13. Ask about WizMe’s Business Club.