WizMe Business Club

To be eligible for WizMe Club Membership, you must be an existing WizMe customer and have an active account with a trading history showing that at least one months’ WizMe purchases in a recent 3-month trading period have exceeded $500, and have a valid ABN or ACN.

When You Spend $500 pm or more on Boxes and Shipping

Club Members receJoin WizMe Business Clubive substantial discounts on both WizMe flat rate boxes and shipping, and other status benefits.

  • 10% Discount on the published online price of Flat Rate Boxes;
  • Save up to 45% with discounted Flat Rate Courier Shipping, available when using WizMe’s or own packaging from 500g up to 25kg.
  • Source bespoke printed boxes and ship through the WizMe system.

Please complete the WizMe Business Club Application.  You must be an existing WizMe customer. The Club registration process, confirmed in email, will change your account status and give you immediate access to the benefits of the WizMe Business Club.

Access to Cheaper Flat Rate ShippingCheap regional flat rate shipping

The cheapest rates apply when shipping within the MAJOR ‘Same City’ metro areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth – that is to say, pick-up and delivery must be within the ‘same city’.

There are also discounts to ‘City to City’ and ‘Outer Areas’ –  Rates from $7.29 for 500g to 25kg WizMe Boxes.


Flat Rate Box and Satchel Discounts

Buy WizMe Flat Rate Boxes and Satchels at a 10% discount to the published online price. The discount applies to all bundled box products and to bulk online deals, and is applied at check out.

Own Packaging

A Business Club Member may use their own packaging and ship through the WizMe system. Choose a label that fits both the weight and volume measurements.

Maximums for own packaging:

  • The longest side cannot be bigger than 180cm;
  • The largest volume is 100L (Length x Width x Height [all in cm] divide by 1,000);
  • The heaviest weight is 25kg.

For further information please Contact Us.