WizMe Flat Rate Shipping

You may be debating whether or not free, discounted or flat shipping is something you can afford. If your competitors offer free or flat rate shipping then you must do something similar, or loose sales.

12 Ways You Can Offer Free Shipping Without Going Broke

And – How Free Shipping Can Hook Your Customers

WizMe flat rate will open business building strategies

Free shipping is not an option for all merchants. However the benefits you will receive when offering free shipping are potentially immense. 60% of eBay sellers and many other merchants offer free shipping. Others would like to do so. Most who offer free shipping see an immediate boost to their online sales, larger order size, and increased profitability.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to free shipping. What works for one merchant may completely destroy the profit margins of another. And in some cases, offering your customers free shipping is simply not viable.

In this article, we’re going to discuss shoppers views of shipping costs, the 12 ways you can offer free shipping, and how using flat rate courier shipping will open these business building strategies for you.

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Shoppers Will Avoid Paying Shipping Charges
12 Ways You Can Offer Free Shipping Without Going Broke
Remind Customers How Much They’re Saving
Use Flat Rate Courier Shipping - It’ll Build Your Business