Flat Rate Shipping Australia

You don’t need to weigh-in or measure a WizMe box or satchel to determine costs when shipping within Australia. If your stuff fits the size and weight criteria of the box or satchel you know exactly in advance what it will cost to get that item to your buyer regardless of the shipping distance. Introducing WizMe Flat Rate Shipping …WizMe flat rate, bloody great prices!

Simply purchase WizMe Flat Rate Boxes and Satchels in-store and when you are ready to ship create, pay and print WizMe Flat Rate Shipping labels online!

Best Value & Quickest Flat Rate Shipping – That’s Us!

Flat Rate Shipping Australia: WizMe offer an easy, straightforward, and uncomplicated service:

Our offer is simple. If your stuff fits a WizMe flat rate box or satchel it’s courier delivered nationwide for a flat rate fee – no surcharges, no other costs!

Quick and easy dispatch. A breeze to create items to send and print address labels. Our courier will come to you, to pickup – for free!

Always cheaper and much quicker than Parcel Post. Your stuff gets delivered quicker – and you’ll save!

Great features that’ll keep your customers shopping. No doormat drops, no delivery theft. Your customers won’t miss their delivery – and won’t be frustrated by courier calling cards!

If you grow and continue with us, we’ll reward you. We want you to stay with us as you build your business. We’ll reward you. We’ll elevate you to our Business Club – for free – where you’ll enjoy substantial discounts and other privileges!

Price Certainty To Budget & Build A Successful Business

WizMe’s Flat Rate concept offers you, the sender, a predetermined budget price for package and delivery. The cost of the WizMe box or satchel and the cost of delivery is separated. The box or satchel is purchased and when an item is packed and ready to ship, you go online to create and pay for a shipping label. That means you outlay a small sum for packaging and only spend the large sum for shipping when the item is ready to despatch.

Wiz It – A Nationwide Courier Service

WizMe understand shipping remains a significant challenge for many merchants, like you, and that your shoppers may abandon their sale if they cannot get stuff fast enough. It starts with free courier pickup, and your WizMe box or satchel delivery is underway. Business and domestic parcels, are courier delivered Australia wide. WizMe courier delivery is expected to be same business day when shipping within same State city metro areas, far quicker than 3 business days it may take for a local Parcel Post Delivery and at a cheaper rate!

Your Competitive Edge

Given that all WizMe boxes and satchels have a predetermined and fixed shipping cost nationwide it makes it much easier for you to budget shipping costs and consider a ‘free shipping’ strategy.

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Shoppers prefer free shipping, and you may find it a sales clincher!

It’s no secret that shoppers want to avoid paying shipping charges and that shopping carts are often abandoned because free shipping is not offered.

We acknowledge free shipping is not an option for all merchants but the benefits you will receive when offering free shipping are immense. 60% of eBay sellers and many other merchants offer free shipping, and others would like to do so. Most who offer free shipping see an immediate boost to their online sales, larger order size, and increased profitability.

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