What To Do When The Parcel Post Postage Service Slows Your Business Down

It’s no secret that online business is booming. It’s a great time to be selling online. But how, you may ask, do you build and maintain that competitive edge.

The growth of e-commerce has forced online retailers and delivery companies to address many issues. Including how they organise and operate their home delivery systems. And the level of customer service they aim to provide. To solve these problems many are changing from parcel post postage to flat rate courier shipping to improve profitability and customer satisfaction.

WizMe flat rate shipping. Quicker & cheaper than parcel post postage.WizMe offer a secure flat rate courier shipping and delivery service that will give your consumers peace of mind when ordering online.

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How WizMe’s Secure Courier Delivery Will Raise Customer Satisfaction

These options offer you and your customers peace of mind, convenience and security. And since consumers love options, it wouldn’t hurt to update the shipping-related FAQs on your website with information about these choices.

Scan On Pickup Starts Proof of Delivery
No Doormat Deliveries
Not-At-Home … Not A Problem!
Tamper Evident WizMe Boxes Mean Better Security
Easy Return Of Goods
Free Insurance
Increasing Demand For Faster Delivery