Discover The Benefits of WizMe’s Simple Flat Rate Shipping

When you’re shipping a package in Australia, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to guess how much it’s actually going to cost. You may have to queue to have postage assessed at a Post Office where postage rates are determined by parcel weight, size and distance. And using a private courier service can often result in added surcharges and fees that you hadn’t allowed in your budget.

What’s more, merchants like you face large competitors who have negotiated special shipping rates or have the financial wherewithal to loose money on some orders so to win additional market share.

Here’s how you’ll benefit from WizMe’s simple Flat Rate Shipping in Austalia:

  1. Easy to Understand Shipping Rates. Shipping is an integral part of most businesses, and it’s important to have a process that is efficient and economic. Although shipping calculators are accurate, many are difficult to use, and the process takes time to enter package dimensions and weight. There are often times when the actual shipping rate for a package exceeds what you expected. All WizMe Flat Rate Boxes have a predetermined and fixed shipping cost cost nationwide. If it fits a WizMe Flat Rate Box or Satchel the consignment ships at a Flat Rate Fee.WizMe nationwide flat rate shipping
  2. Price Certainty To Budget & Build A Successful Business. The value with WizMe’s Flat Rate concept is it offers the sender a predetermined flat rate delivery cost. The cost of the box or satchel and the cost of delivery is separated. The box or satchel is purchased and when an item is packed and ready to ship, the sender goes online to create and pay for a shipping label. That means you outlay a small sum for packaging and only spend the large sum for shipping when the item is ready to despatch.
  3. Delivery Quicker Than Parcel Post. Many Shoppers Abandon The Sale If They Cannot Get Stuff Fast Enough. There are about 160 million parcels shipped every year within Australia, but shipping remains a significant challenge for many merchants and e-tailers. It can take 3 business days for a local Parcel Post service. Yet Australia Post has a 70% to 90% share, by some estimates, in the niche online delivery sector. WizMe courier deliver Australia wide.
  4. Shoppers Prefer Free Shipping – You’ll Find It A Sales Clincher! 60% of eBay sellers and many other e-tailers offer free shipping, and others would like to do so. It’s a well known fact shopping carts are often abandoned because free shipping isn’t offered. But without known shipping costs it is very difficult as a merchant or e-tailer to calculate what freight costs you can absorb to offer that ‘free shipping’ service to boost visitor conversion rates yet still maintain a reasonable margin and profit.