FAQs – Getting Started


Please email the WizMe support team through the Contact Us page if you need assistance.

What are WizMe’s business hours?
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Can I cease using WizMe at any time?
Can WizMe suspend or terminate my account if I breach WizMe’s Terms?

One Fixed Price

WizMe offer a convenient, flexible, fast flat rate service to ship items within Australia for domestic and business delivery. No need to struggle with assessed postage. Simply purchase Flat Rate Boxes in-store and when you are ready to ship … create, pay and print Nationwide Flat Rate Shipping labels online!

The value of a flat rate service is that it offers you, the sender, a predetermined packaging and delivery cost. If an item fits a WizMe branded box you know in advance what it will cost to get that item from A to B.

Using WizMe, you can now predetermine packaging and courier costs and calculate what adjustment you may need to make to your selling price to maintain a reasonable margin when offering ‘free shipping’. 60% of eBay sellers and many other online merchants offer free shipping because the service does boost sales. It’s a well known fact shopping carts are often abandoned because free shipping isn’t offered.

Registering With WizMe

If you are new to WizMe please click this Register link and complete the registration details. The registration process, confirmed in email, will activate your account which will give you immediate access to the benefits of WizMe’s service.

You CANNOT BUY Flat Rate Boxes or Flat Rate Shipping unless you Register.

Are there any restrictions with registration?

Manage Your WizMe Personal Account

Logging into your My Account is as simple as clicking the Login icon and entering your password.

What features are available in My Account?
How do I update my address details provided upon registration?
What reports are available to me?

Privacy and Security

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