Manage Your Account

Logging into your account, and manage your account, is as simple as clicking the Login icon and entering your password. Several features are available through the Navigation Bar, and a brief description is given here: WizMe manage your account

My Account: Displays ‘My Account Details’ and ‘Shop / Order Summary’ details, where you can view all orders for labels, boxes and satchels – cancelled, failed or processed orders. And download GST invoices.

Edit Profile: Edit account details – name, email address, and change password.

Edit Address: Edit and / or add your pickup addresses for courier pickup.

Sign Up Forms: This is where you make application to WizMe’s Business Club or to become a WizMe Retailer.

Address Books: You have two personal address books. Your Merchant Address Book holds your pickup address details. Your Customer Address Book holds names and addresses of your customers. You can import addresses, manage and keep contacts up-to-date, export all saved information.

Create Label: You start here to create, pay, and print flat rate shipping labels for boxes and satchels.

History / tracking: Search for lodged items dispatched through WizMe, and various report formats.

My Items: Where your Items (flat rate shipping labels) can be saved, retrieved and printed.


Relevant FAQs Here … Getting Started