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Packaging To Go Pty Ltd T/As WizMe – ABN 44 607 344 454

Who can I contact if I need help or support using WizMe?

Please Email WizMe’s support team on the form below should you need help using WizMe, including:

  • Advice on the choice of WizMe box or satchel – including bespoke sizes and printing
  • Managing / importing addresses and using your address books
  • Drop for pickup, parcel return, send to collection point services
  • Creating labels
  • Adding to cart, making payments or accessing the payment site.
Can I save WizMe labels to be printed later?
What are my label print choices?
What else should I know about printing of labels and usage restrictions?
I’ve paid for a label, can I now cancel and receive a refund?
Can I use my own packaging with WizMe shipping labels?
How does the Return To Merchant feature work?
How does the 'Deliver Direct To A Collection Point' feature work?
My PickUp Address is outside WizMe's service area. What can I do?

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