Flat Rate, Prepaid, Assessed Postage Explained

The value with the Prepaid and Flat Rate concepts is both offer the sender a predetermined flat rate delivery cost.

With the Flat Rate Service the cost of the box or satchel and the cost of delivery is separated:

  • The box or satchel is purchased.
  • When an item is packed and ready to ship, the sender goes online to create and pay for a shipping label.
  • That means you outlay a small sum for packaging and only spend the large sum for shipping when the item is ready to dispatch.

With the PrePaid Service the cost of the satchel and cost of postage is combined:

  • A single fixed fee is charged for the combined total of satchel and shipping costs.
  • Payment is made upfront and simultaneously for the combined total of the satchel and shipping costs.
  • That means you will part with a larger sum at time of purchase.
  • Prepaid is only a consideration if you want to send a single box or satchel.

What is assessed postage or shipping?

The alternative to the Flat Rate and Prepaid services is assessed postage rates. The most common procedure to buy postage is at a Post Office where the item will be assessed.

Alternatively ‘assessed postage’ can be purchased online through either the Click and Send, eBay or other shipping portals.

Assessed postage is typically available for all packaging, including your own packaging, up to 22kg and pricing is determined by three factors: weight, size or cubic dimension, and distance.


You choose – Flat Rate v’s Assessed Postage?

Australia Post’s ‘Helpful Guide to Cubing’ is shown here, to show the steps involved with assessed postage, should you wish to consider this alternative. ‘How to cube’, that’s a good question!