Free Insurance

Up to $1,000 insurance is automatically arranged but only included with Signature on Delivery (A $100 claim excess will apply / claims under $100 will not be processed). No additional cover is available at this time. Insurance cover commences from the time your item is picked up and scanned by the courier, and until the item is delivered to the receiver.

We’ll Insure Your Goods Up To $1,000 In Value … FREE Insurance

Insurance covers either:

  • The cost of repairing or replacing lost or damaged goods up to policy limits (less GST) per coupon or consignment, or;
  • The actual value of the lost or damaged goods at the time (unless the goods are new an amount for depreciation will be deducted from the claim) up to policy limits per coupon or consignment.

The following goods are not covered:

  • Deeds, securities, treasury notes and the like;
  • Designs and patterns, plans, manuscripts and all other documents;
  • Food stuffs of any kind;
  • Money (including bank notes and coins), stamps, duty stamps, tickets and the like;
  • Household goods and personal effects;
  • Fine art, jewellery, gold and silver articles, precious stones.

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