Label It – Shipping

Only WizMe’s Flat Rate Boxes and Satchels are eligible to be consigned for delivery through the WizMe service.

You need only create, pay and print your shipping label when you are ready to pack and dispatch to your receiver.

Create Label

Login to your WizMe account to create, pay and print flat rate shipping labels. When creating an address label the Send From and Send To details can be added or retrieved from the Address Books. You can add a reference or purchase order number and also ready a email notification to your receiver advising their shipment has been dispatched together with the Item and tracking number.

Address Books

You have access to THREE address books. You can import, export and save address information to your Merchant Address Book or Customer Address Book. The WizMe Address Book is a locked file and updated by WizMe.

Merchant Address Book

Holds your business address or addresses. WizMe share this information electronically with its courier network so the courier knows where to collect your consignments when you have readied the items for dispatch.

Customer Address Book

Your customers’ addresses.

WizMe Address Book

Holds the addresses of stores and other locations that facilitate merchant parcel drops, customer returns, send-to collection points, and courier drop points for failed deliveries.

Item Details

Send From

You can choose to Send From your business address (Merchant Address Book) or drop to a WizMe location (WizMe Address Book) for courier pickup and dispatch. The later service is useful if you do not want to wait for the courier to attend your business address.

Send To

You can choose to Send To your customer’s business or private address (Customer Address Book).

Alternatively you may choose to Send To a local WizMe collection point (WizMe Address Book) – your customer will be notified by SMS when their parcel is available for their pickup from that collection point. The later service is useful if know your customer will be unavailable to personally receive delivery. You CAN NOT send to a Post Office address.

Packaging Type

Select from the drop-down-box the flat rate box or satchel weight to be shipped. Your selection determines the flat rate shipping fee.

Return to Merchant

This option allows you to create a label and so enable your customer to return an item but only in their original WizMe box. When you select this option:

  • The Send From address is automatically filled from your WizMe Address Book selection … your customer must drop their return item to the location you have selected, where the courier will collect and return to the Send To address you have selected.
  • The Send To address is automatically filled from your Merchant Address Book selection.

Labels Can Be Printed on A4 Paper

A single copy of each address label will be printed. You can print up to four labels per A4 page. Sign this label and securely attach it to your WizMe box … or place the label in the plastic sleeve adhered to the box. Be careful not to obscure any barcodes when attaching the shipping label.

Each Label For Single Use

Each Flat Rate Shipping label is for single use only. Please do not attempt to re-print, copy, duplicate or re-use a WizMe shipping label with the intention of securing the provision of a WizMe courier service without due payment.

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