Pack It – Flat Rate Boxes

You buy flat rate boxes in-store.

Flat Rate Boxes: 500g to 25kg from $0.50 per Box!

In store, there are six box weight categories:

  • 500gWizMe flat rate boxes
  • 1kg
  • 2kg
  • 3kg
  • 5kg and
  • 25kg.

In each box weight category there are a range of sizes which give you a wide choice when shipping different sized products. The boxes, bought flat-packed in bundle lots, are competitively priced and bulk discounts apply.

WizMe’s Flat Rate Boxes are shipped to you as a flat pack. The boxes are manufactured as a one-piece style and fold to form a complete box – some requiring no staples or tape.

When you pack the box you must make sure all of the box flaps close within the normal folds. The box design cannot be enlarged by opening its sides and cannot otherwise be reconstructed in any way. Packing or ‘tamper evident’ tape can be applied to the box flaps and seams should you deem it necessary.

WizMe box styles include:

  • Tamper evident boxes
  • Mailer boxesWizMe tube boxes
  • White corrugated boxes
  • Standard brown corrugated boxes
  • Multi depth boxes (adjustable wall boxes)
  • Heavy duty boxes
  • Flat boxes
  • Side loading boxes
  • Long “tube” boxes

There are several boxes that are manufactured as a one-piece style and fold to form a complete box, requiring no staples or tape. Others are standard “RSC Style” with fold-in flaps, top and bottom of box, that need to be secured by tape.

The Range Also Includes Tamper Evident Boxes

While no single solution can be considered ‘tamper proof’, multiple levels of security available with the WizMe service do also reduce the risk of tampering. These tamper-evident features improve tamper resistance by making tampering more difficult and help to indicate the existence of tampering.

See how the tamper evident feature works here …

The unique one-piece tamper evident box design makes unauthorised access to the box easily detected. When items are packed into the box and the lid closed, the lid is ‘locked’ in place by two end pieces which extend the depth of the box. These end pieces are torn when opening the box, indicating the existence of tampering.

The length of time available for tampering in transit is reduced with courier service. Anyone intending to tamper with tamper evident protected goods and documents generally only has a window of opportunity of a few minutes before discovery is likely. This makes it both difficult and unlikely that any tamperer will have time to open the packaging, examine or remove items, and restore the box to its original untampered condition.

Sample Box Packs

If you are unsure of the box size you require then order a “sample pack” in-store. Separate “sample packs” are available for each box weight category, and two boxes of each size are included.

Flat Rate Satchels

In store, there are 4 satchel weight categories (500g, 1kg, 3kg and 5kg). Under we compare the satchel sizes (millimetres) to standard paper sizes:

  • 500g: 220 x 335 (larger than A5: 148 x 210);
  • 1kg: 280 x 350 (larger than A4: 210 x 297);
  • 3kg: 340 x 420 (larger than A3: 297 x 420); and
  • 5kg: 437 x 597.

Each satchel has a clear external pouch, to hold an address label and other documents.

Tamper Evident Stickers

Available at an additional cost, tamper evident stickers deliver a sophisticated, highly visible deterrent to would-be theft and unauthorised access. Its fast bonding permanent adhesive provides an instant security solution that quickly highlights tampering with a dual voiding message. The standout colour of the sticker also acts as both a highly visible deterrent and tamper-evident device.

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