WizMe Flat Rate Boxes – Better Than Satchels

How Tamper Evident Boxes Offer Better Security – a more robust alternative to satchels

WizMe Flat Rate Boxes are better than satchels …

The unique one-piece tamper evident flat rate WizMe box design makes unauthorised access to the box easily detected. When items are packed into the box and the lid closed, the lid is ‘locked’ in place by two end pieces which extend into the sides of the box. These end pieces are torn when opening the box, indicating the existence of tampering.


The construction creates a DOUBLE WALL container on all four sides, giving extra product protection.


WizMe Tamper Evident Boxes – A Unique One Piece Die Cut Box

These pictures show the two flaps with tabs. To lock the box fold each tab back against the flap. Then insert the flaps into each side of the box.


Available at an additional cost, tamper evident stickers deliver a sophisticated, highly visible deterrent to would-be theft and unauthorised access. Its fast bonding permanent adhesive provides an instant security solution that quickly highlights tampering with a dual voiding message. The standout colour of the sticker also acts as both a highly visible deterrent and tamper-evident device.

The length of time available for tampering in transit is reduced with courier service. Anyone intending to tamper with tamper evident protected goods and documents generally only has a window of opportunity of a few minutes before discovery is likely. This makes it both difficult and unlikely that any tamperer will have time to open the packaging, examine or remove items, and restore the box to its original untampered condition.

WizMe Regular Slotted Carton (RSC)

RSC Box Scale

The RSC is a common, highly efficient carton design and the most common box style.rsc-150x150

The top and bottom flaps are the same depth. The two outer flaps (normally the lengthwise flaps) are one-half the width of the box, so the flaps meet at the centre when folded.

The RSC can be used to ship most products. Tape is required to close the top and bottom flaps.