How To Measure Your Package

If you are shipping your own package you must assess the Billable Weight (How Billable Weight of a Package is Calculated) to determine the correct WizMe Shipping Label to purchase.

A critical function of Billable Weight assessment is the measurement of length, width and height of the package.  All parcels, whatever their shape or packaging need to be measured – unless you use a WizMe box or satchel you don’t need to measure a thing! This includes satchels, if you use a satchel as a form of packaging – just as you would use a box, bubble wrap or a padded bag. You do not need to measure WizMe flat rate satchels!

For a rectangle or square box, measurement is a relatively simple procedure. For any parcel that is not square or rectangle, measure the length, width and height of your item as if it were inside a box. Please refer to the illustration.

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Handy Tip: When measuring the height, length and width of your package, always use the maximum points of the packaged item.

How to measure your package

NOTE – WizMe Maximums:

Your package cannot exceed any one of these criteria …

  • The longest side cannot be bigger than 180cm
  • The largest volume is 100L (Length x Width x Height [all in cm]) divided by 1000)
  • The heaviest weight is 25kg.